is what we do

We’ve been helping brands grow their social media marketing success since 2008


Creating social media advertising for businesses that need more customers and more sales. Our social media marketing services in the U.S. are custom-designed to help your business grow, and we do this by focusing on these fundamental key practices:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
SEO doesn't need to be complicated. We get you on the first page of Google. Period.
Social Media Management
Social Media Management
We create highly engaging posts to create massive engagement and trust for your brand.
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy
As Inbound Marketing specialist we create winning strategies for your empire that are easy to execute.
Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Let us do the writing for you as we compile winning emails that create curiousness and most importantly convert to a lead or sale.
Click Funnels
Click Funnels
Our team has been building sales funnels since 2008. We know what works and have generated 38+ million in revenue and 2+ million leads for our clients to date.
Reporting & Analysis
Reporting & Analysis
Get weekly updates on your Google adwords, social media and Facebook ads. Leads are sent directly to you via email or text and added to your favorite CRM or spreadsheet instantly.


We created profitable awareness using targeted giveaways for our client’s product promotion which was tremendous in building their social attention.

Moreover, it’s brought them new customers, loyal fans, and even big recognition amongst their b2b relationships leading to unpredicted opportunities of growth.

Creative media on social is all about getting targeted awareness using emotional know, like, & trust campaigns to connect with your potential customers to influence profitable conversions.



You have a great brand. It’s time people know about it!

Josh Hicks

We’ll help you figure out exactly what you need to be applying in your business right now to grow your sales, increase your leads, and generate more attention.

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A collection of solutions tailored to your needs

You See It All

Everything we collect during our relationship together is yours. Whether it’s emails, phone numbers, or media. We’re always transparent!

Custom Made Plan

As we develop strategies for your business we keep them custom to your situation. It will never be cookie-cutter, it will always be unique and new.

Everything Is Tracked

If you can’t measure it, you can’t grow it. We keep close watch over ever part of your campaign to ensure its success. You’ll get weekly reports.

We Keep It Simple



The SIMBASTART™ plan is perfect for new and existing small companies looking to start building up their social media presence.



The SIMBAGROW™ plan is for existing businesses that want to expand their marketing efforts and generate more revenue and leads.

  • 2X Custom SEO Articles Monthly
  • 3X SIMBA-VidRank™ Videos
  • 3X SIMBA-VidRank™ Articles
  • ​Blog Creation & Management
  • 3 YouTube Viral Video Campaigns
  • 1X Lead Generation Funnel
  • 4 Hyper-Geo-Target Campaigns
  • 8 Day Email Drip Campaign
  • ​10 Weeks To 10k Followers™
  • ​Google My Business Optimization


The SIMBAMASTER™ plan is for medium to large sized businesses that are looking for explosive growth with custom optimization and one-on-one coaching.

  • 5X SIMBA-VidRank™ Videos
  • 5X SIMBA-VidRank™ Articles
  • 3X Google Adwords Campaigns
  • 15X LinkedIn InMail Lead Campaign
  • ​10 Hours One-on-One Coaching
  • ​High End Video Production Discounts

More Leads = More Customers

We know how to get attention, leads, and most importantly GET YOU SALES.

The one thing we started noticing back in 2008 was that the internet wasn’t going anywhere and that soon these small brick and mortar businesses would be needing some help using it to get more sales.

We realized that it was going to be critical for businesses to learn how to tell stories, connect with their prospects and convert them into loyal customers. 

boy did we get that one right!

So, we set out to master online marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, and expert sales copywriting.

If you’ve ever imagined getting more attention, more leads, and more sales using the internet…then you’re at the right place.

If you’re ready to get ahead of your competition, show up where your customers ACTUALLY hang out (…the internet), and you want to get to the next level with your brand then…

The next thing you need to do is… Schedule a call with us and let us show you how we can help you 🙂

We help your business get attention and then we help you turn that attention into profit.